21 October 2021
Dunne welcomes inclusion of aviation and maritime emissions in sixth Carbon Budget

Philip Dunne intervenes in the COP26 backbench debate to highlight the UK’s leadership by incorporating our share of international aviation and maritime emissions for the first time in the UK’s sixth Carbon Budget and being the first, and only country so far, to do so.

Philip Dunne (Ludlow) (Con)

I am grateful to the hon. Lady for allowing me to intervene before she winds up her speech, and I am pleased that she secured the support of the Backbench Business Committee to hold this important debate ahead of COP26, which starts in under two weeks. She has spoken powerfully, and in the light of what she has said, does she agree that the UK is showing leadership in, for example, including international aviation and maritime emissions in our sixth carbon budget—we are the first and, so far, only country prepared to do that? She has called on this country to do that for some time, so will she at least welcome it?

Caroline Lucas 

I thank the Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee for his intervention. I welcome the fact that aviation and shipping will be brought into our climate budgets but, as always, the devil will be in the detail. I have great concern that some will try to find ways of assuming that technology can get us out of this hole as well. I suggest that it cannot, and that we need proposals such as those made by the citizens Climate Assembly on a frequent flier levy. I think we need to change behaviour, rather than think that technology will get us out of the hole, but I look forward to seeing the Government’s plans.