18 January 2023
Shropshire receives £12m as part of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund

Dunne welcomes award to Shropshire of £12.26 million from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, including £1.4million for the Multiply programme.

This investment in the county is part of the Government’s wider levelling up agenda allocating funds to councils across the country to benefit communities and improving life chances of those across the UK.

Overall, the fund is worth £2.6 billion and is being distributed between now and 2025. The allocated funding will be at the jurisdiction of Shropshire Council to spend on locally identified projects rather than directed by central Government.

Commenting on the latest funding for Shropshire Dunne said:

“I am delighted that our rural community here in Shropshire has received significant Government funds.

“Often, we see capital infrastructure investment ring fenced and shoehorned towards more urban areas. That’s why I am so pleased funds will be spent here in Shropshire for the people of Shropshire. Local communities will have their say on how they want local projects and services to develop.

“The Government has responded to calls from me and those representing rural areas to level up the life chances of those in rural county shires as well as urban areas.

“Aside from public investment the Government is also investing in people. As part of the Shared Prosperity Fund, a new £560 million UK-wide Multiply programme will be launched to equip hundreds of thousands of adults with functional numeracy skills to improve their employment prospects, further their career potential and improve access to better paying jobs.”