6 February 2023
Highley Medical Centre update

Philip Dunne MP welcomes the latest developments regarding Highley Medical Centre.

As local residents will know, the current provider of GP services in Highley has given notice to end their contract at the end of March.

The NHS published a Procurement Prior Information Notification (PIN) on 24th December to start the process of finding a new care provider who can deliver an improved service

Two viable proposals have been received, which are now currently out to tender as required by NHS rules.

The deadline for the two proposals is 15th February, which should allow a swift appointment to enable the new provider to take over from 1st April.

Commenting on the announcement the South Shropshire MP said:

“I am pleased that the NHS in Shropshire is organising an orderly transition of GP provider in Highley. I have been encouraging all parties to focus on using this opportunity to also relocate the medical centre to the Severn Centre, following due consideration and consultation, which could help improve services for Highley residents.

“Shropshire NHS ICB has been right to concentrate initially on securing a new provider. It is encouraging that two GP practices have put forward proposals to ensure a smooth transition of provider from 1st April.

“But this change also allows a major opportunity which I have been calling for some time, to relocate the Highley medical practice into the Severn Centre. This would allow a significant improvement in facilities such as Social Prescribing, Mental Health, Shropshire Local, Warm Welcomes and Physiotherapy potentially be collocated in a new health and wellbeing hub.

“Work is already being done at pace to oversee what would be required to enable a seamless transition for patients, while commissioners work out the logistics of the introduction of new GP services into the centre”.