9 January 2024
Dunne welcomes extra £2m support for domestic abuse victims

South Shropshire MP, Philip Dunne, has welcomed the extension of support for domestic abuse victims to help them escape abuse.

The Home Office is investing an additional £2m to support victims of domestic abuse who do not have the financial means to leave their abusers. From 31st January, victims of domestic abuse who do not have the financial means to leave their abusers will be able to apply for a one-off payment of up to £500 via one of over 470 support services, for essential items such as groceries, nappies or support with new accommodation to help them and their children flee to safety.

For the first time, victims can also apply for a further one-off payment of up to £2,500 to help secure a sustainable independent future, such as putting down a deposit for rental accommodation.

The fund, which will initially last until March 2025, builds on a successful pilot funded by the Home Office and delivered with Women’s Aid last year which, helped over 600 victims to safety. Women’s Aid have been re-appointed to deliver this additional funding alongside hundreds of domestic abuse services across England and Wales.

Mr Dunne said:

“I am pleased the government has followed up the successful pilot of this scheme with a further £2m investment, to help victims of domestic abuse leave their abusers.

“When people leave their abusers, they are often forced to flee with very few possessions. These grants of up to £500 for necessities, or £2,500 to secure a property for a safe independent future, will help end a cycle whereby victims are locked into dangerous and harmful situations for far too long.

“This fund has already helped over 600 people escape their abusers, so I know this additional funding will help hundreds more regain some independence and stability in their lives.”