17 May 2023
Dunne Supports Mental Health Awareness Week

South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne emphasises all this week the significance of Mental Health Awareness Week which ends on the 21st May. This years theme is anxiety.

Anxiety can affect anyone and can be triggered by many things: exams, relationships, job transitions, or other significant life events. By focusing this year’s awareness week on anxiety, the aim is to enhance public awareness and understanding of this mental health issue.

The Mental Health Foundation, a charity Mr Dunne has supported for decades, has called for action to address mental health challenges, such as development and delivery of 10 year across government mental health strategies in each of the nations of the UK, with a strong focus on prevention as well as treatment.

Philip Dunne commented saying:

“Mental Health Awareness Week is a crucial platform to shed light on pervasive issue of anxiety, affecting many people within our community. It is good to raise awareness and provide accessible support for those struggling with their mental health. 

“Charities like the Mental Health Foundation and Mind offer significant resources and support for Individuals in need. Whether it’s reaching out for assistance with anxiety management or seeking guidance on financial stress, these charities provide necessary support.

“It’s even more apparent now how serious mental health is, with 6 in 100 people in England being diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, while over 8 million individuals in the UK are experiencing an anxiety disorder at any given time. Anyone in Shropshire who needs help, should reach out to Anxiety UK or Mind, who can provide specialist support”.