10 January 2024
Dunne meets flood victims in Highley

Local MP, Philip Dunne, met flood-affected residents in Highley on Friday to see the impact of Storm Henk.

Mr Dunne met Jackie Desai-Gale and Terry Gale, whose home had flooded for the second time in a year.

Their home is between Highley Station and the River Severn. During its peak, flood waters reached the height of their door handle, and they had to use waders to leave and re-enter their home. The couple are in temporary accommodation provided by their insurer until the damage can be assessed.

Representatives from the Environment Agency and Shropshire Council were also in Highley, with the Environment Agency visiting flood affected Park Homes in Quatt and Hampton Loade.

Mr Dunne said:

“I visited Highley on Friday to see for ourselves the impact of Storm Henk, where the river had burst its banks, with at least 6 houses flooded. Jackie and Terry’s home has been very badly affected, flooding for the second time in 12 months.

“I raised Shropshire’s case with the Flooding Minister in the House of Commons this week, to seek to ensure the Flood Recovery Framework scheme is activated in Shropshire. In order to do so, it is vital every homeowner affected informs Shropshire Council if their home or business has been flooded.

“The government has also triggered support for farmers who have suffered uninsurable damage to their land of up to £25,000 through the Farming Recovery Fund, which may apply to some in South Shropshire.”

The government has invested over £6bn to protect 600,000 properties better from the risk of flooding and coastal erosion since 2010. The government’s UK wide Flood Re scheme has also provided reinsurance for UK households at high risk, providing cover for over 265,000 household policies.


Photos: Philip Dunne MP and Stuart Anderson meet Jackie Desai-Gale and Terry Gale at their home in Highley