21 March 2023
Dunne highlights low-cost broadband and mobile deals

South Shropshire MP, Philip Dunne, is calling on his constituents to take advantage of low-cost broadband and mobile deals known as social tariffs. These deals, which start at just £10 per month, are available to people on Universal Credit and other means-tested benefits and can represent a saving of around £180 a year for eligible households.

Despite being available in 99% of the UK, only 3.1% of eligible households (136,000) have signed up for social tariffs, and just 30.1% of households are aware that these offers are available. This means millions of households are missing out on the support.

The Department for Science, Technology, and Innovation, along with the Department for Work and Pensions, has launched a new social tariff eligibility checking system, which significantly improves the speed and ease of checking customer eligibility. The Government continue to engage with broadband and mobile providers, urging them to do more to offer and raise awareness of social tariffs to households facing rising costs.

Commenting on the announcement Philip Dunne said:

“I appreciate the anxiety many people feel when it comes to the rising cost of bills, including internet bills. I want to make sure that everyone in South Shropshire who is eligible for a social tariff is aware of the deals available to them. These tariffs can save eligible households up to £180 a year on their website or broadband connection is a significant many families are not taking up. 

“I urge all eligible residents to take advantage of these low-cost deals and download the resources available to promote them within their communities.

“Finally, around 2,900 public libraries in England will also provide accessible locations offering free Wi-Fi, computers, and other technology. Library staff, often supported by volunteers, can provide library users with digital support if needed for elderly or vulnerable adults. So that all residents can be online and not left behind due to cost of living.”

For more information about social tariffs, eligibility, and how to sign up, please visit the government's Help for Households campaign website: https://helpforhouseholds.campaign.gov.uk/