2 March 2023
Children across South Shropshire participate in World Book Day 2023

South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne backs World Book Day where schools, bookshops, libraries, businesses, and homes nationwide are invited to join this nationwide social campaign to enjoy the pleasures of reading and encourage the mission of inspiring children to read more on World Book Day… and every day.

It is reported that just 10 minutes a day reading and sharing stories with children can make a crucial difference to their reading and listening skills and it’s also great fun for all involved.

Stories encourage conversation, introduce children to more complex vocabulary and builds confidence when it comes to reading aloud.

World Book Day aims through the support of NLT, BookTrust, MacDonalds Happy Meals, publishers, and book sellers to reach more communities, families and children with the £1 book and £1 book token.

It will mean 50 million £1 book tokens are given to children and that 101,000 books will be made accessible to children who are least likely to have their own book.

Commenting on World Book Day Philip Dunne said:

“As a former bookseller I have long backed World Book Day as a fantastic initiative which takes place each year. It celebrates the power of reading and educating our young people about the pleasure of picking up a book. Reading a book is one of the building blocks which helps set up children for life.

“Not only does World Book Day give access to read a story. It even helps families and children’s friends to read together anywhere and everywhere, from breakfast to bedtime! In the park, on the train, on the sofa, on a plane – reading and sharing stories can happen anywhere at any time.

“The Government already has a strong record on raising skills and literacy levels. Nevertheless, the Government’s focus on literacy since 2010, including phonics, has led to significant improvements in standards for children. In 2012, only 58 per cent of six-year-olds were able to read words fluently. By 2019, the figure had risen to 82 per cent. Yet there is still more to do.

“I am glad charities, publishes and companies continue to back such an important day in the school calendar year to make sure all children can affordably access a book to read and enjoy with their peers. The Government recognises importance too of speech and language in young people’s development and has funded £17m to deliver the Nuffield Early Language Intervention programme, which supports children in Reception with their language ability.

“Over two thirds of eligible mainstream primary schools are now taking part in this evidence-based programme, benefitting around 90,000 children who are most in need of language support.”