30 January 2024
Campaign backed by Philip Dunne successful as Aldi launch ‘Best of British’ section online

The campaign for a ‘Buy British’ section on supermarkets’ online stores supported by Philip Dunne MP has seen its second success, as Aldi launch a ‘Best of British’ section for click and collect shoppers.

Philip Dunne MP with NFU President Minette Batters

In August 2023, South Shropshire MP, Philip Dunne, and 120 other cross-Party MPs signed an open letter calling on supermarkets to highlight the very best of British produce by implementing a ‘Buy British’ section online.

The letter, coordinated by Dr Luke Evans MP, stated: ‘Our ask is simple, create a tab that collates produce from farmers,’ citing consumer choice, environmental benefits and support for farmers as reasons to make the change.

Aldi Chief Executive, Giles Hurley, has confirmed to the MPs the implementation of “a standalone ‘Best of British’ category on our website to showcase our incredible British products.”

The UK’s fourth-largest supermarket’s new dedicated webpage includes a wide selection of over 250 groceries, ranging from meat to dairy products and everyday essentials, and can be found at groceries.aldi.co.uk for click and collect shoppers.

Since Mr Dunne signed the open letter, over 30,000 people have signed a National Farmers Union (NFU) petition in support, the Government endorsed the campaign and Morrisons also launched a ‘British’ section online.

Mr Dunne said:

“It is great to see Aldi, with local stores in Bridgnorth and Ludlow, have made this small but meaningful change, and put British farmers first.

“The reaction to this campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, with food producers across the United Kingdom supporting the call, and consumers asking why supermarkets weren’t doing it already.

“Both Morrisons and Aldi have shown great leadership on this, I trust other supermarkets will make the change soon too.”

Minette Batters, President of the National Farmers Union, said:

It’s fantastic that Aldi is championing British farmers by introducing a ‘Best of British’ section online. Recent data shows that most shoppers want to buy more British food and this simple change will help Aldi customers locate high quality, homegrown food much more easily.

“We now have two major retailers in Aldi and Morrisons adapting their online service to support both their suppliers and customers. I hope even more retailers will follow suit.”

Photo: Philip Dunne MP with NFU President Minette Batters