9 June 2021
Dunne seeks opportunity for community climate action groups to attend COP26

Philip Dunne promotes South Shropshire Climate Action’s constituency based plan with practical ideas of what local communities can do to help get to Net Zero and asks if there is scope for such community groups to attend COP26 in Glasgow in order to spread this practice.

Philip Dunne (Ludlow) (Con)

Devon is not the only area that is leading the way in developing community action plans, and indeed has produced the first constituency-wide action plan, which I will be delighted to present both to the President and the Vice-President following this session. Will there be scope for such community groups that are leading the way in finding practical means for communities to help get to net zero to attend COP26 in Glasgow in order to spread this great practice?

Anne-Marie Trevelyan (The Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth)

We are really fortunate in the UK to have, as my right hon. Friend has demonstrated, a passionate civil society that is among the world leaders in climate action. The UK launched the domestic “Together for Our Planet” campaign to celebrate climate initiatives across the UK and to inspire the public—and clearly they are already inspired—to be more engaged in climate action in the run-up to COP26. So I would be delighted to receive further information on climate action from Ludlow, as well as any other constituency that wishes to submit it, because to be able to share that is absolutely what COP26 is all about.