22 February 2023
Vulnerable Shropshire residents to benefit from £4.1m Household Support Fund

Rising prices from global economic pressures, including Covid 19 and the war in Ukraine, mean families are struggling with household bills.

That is why the Government has extended the unprecedented support targeted at the most vulnerable into 2023-24 through means-tested Cost of Living Payments, the Energy Price Guarantee and the Household Support Fund.

The Household Support Fund is a discretionary fund provided to local authorities for them to support vulnerable families struggling to cover essential costs who may not be eligible for other Government support. The Government is also delivering further support on top of the extra £842 million of funding for the Household Support Fund including the Energy Price Guarantee, £900 Cost of Living Payments, a £150 payment for disabled people, and £300 for pensioner households.

Commenting on the extended support, South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne said:

“I know many families in Shropshire are struggling to make ends meet in the face of rising prices over the past year through global economic pressures, from including the fallout from Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

“That is why I am delighted that the Government have allocated a further £4.1m to Shropshire Council through the Household Support Fund, doubling down on our commitment to help the most vulnerable families with rising costs.

“This fund is a lifeline for residents, and this extension will ensure this vital support is available for families who are struggling for another year.

“This is just part of a wider and targeted support package of £26 billion, which also includes payments of £900 for people on particular means tested benefits and additional support for disabled people and pensioners, whilst every household will continue to spend less on energy bills as a result of the Energy Price Guarantee”.