15 March 2023
RSPCA calls for Animal products to be stocked in Food Banks Nationally

South Shropshire MP, Philip Dunne encourages food banks and charities across Shropshire to adopt the RSPCA’s call for donations of pet food and supplies to be included at foodbanks locally.

Philip Dunne attended an RSPCA cost-of-living advice event at the House of Commons this month to understand better how support struggling constituents with managing their pets.

A report last week revealed a growing number of people struggling to afford the cost of pet food leading to an increase in the number of animals being abandoned, surrendered, or put down to malnutrition or neglect.

Those who are struggling to feed their own families are also unable to provide for their pets leading to a declining cycle of poverty and animal suffering.

Commenting on the RSPCA’s report Philip Dunne said:

“I'm proud to support the RSPCA and I will be doing my bit to ensure that the right help, support, and information is available to constituents in South Shropshire.

“No household pet should go hungry just because someone is unable to afford food to feed them. It is distressing if pets are suffering due to high inflation. Whilst financial hardship is besetting many families at this moment, we must also remember pets cannot feed themselves.

“The RSPCA is calling on the public to donate pet food to local food banks as well as usual household groceries. These extra supplies will help struggling households keep their pets fit and well.

“This report follows an increase of 13% of neglect calls being received by the charity over the welfare of some animals and a reported 25% rise in abandonment”.


Pet owners can find a range of practical help and advice on the RSPCA’s cost of living hub. The charity has also launched a dedicated phone line for those looking for support (0300 123 0650).


To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit: www.rspca.org.uk/give.

Photo: Simon Osborne, Superintendent inspector managing England & Wales 225 inspectors and 140 animal rescue officers & Alison Fletcher, Inspector running pet Foodbank project