27 January 2023
Holocaust Memorial Day 2023

Today, as we do each year on 27th January, we come together to reflect, pay tribute, and remember all those that lost their lives in the Holocaust. The atrocities of World War II are still felt today by survivors, their relatives and others who lost family members to genocide.   It's an important day when we remember over 6 million Jewish people from across occupied Europe who were murdered by the Nazis, as well as those impacted by more recent genocide in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur.

Every year there is a different theme to Holocaust Memorial day. This year the theme is “Ordinary People” because genocide is facilitated by ordinary people and ordinary people can turn a blind eye, believe propaganda, and join murderous regimes. Those who are persecuted, oppressed, and murdered in genocide aren't persecuted because of crimes they've committed - they are persecuted simply because they are ordinary people who belong to particular groups. This year highlights the ordinary people who let genocide happen, the ordinary people who actively perpetrated genocide, and the ordinary people who were persecuted and prompt us to consider how ordinary people, such as ourselves, can perhaps play a bigger part than we might imagine in challenging prejudice today.

Ludlow MP Philip Dunne would once again like to pay tribute to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, who continued to play vital work in raising awareness and making sure we learn about how we can play our part in a better future free from genocide. He supports their continued work as a charity supporting education and telling the stories of those who survived such traumatising events. 

Commenting on today's memorial the Philip Dunne said,

“I hope that many across South Shropshire will join me in Light the Darkness National Moment at 4pm by lighting a candle in the window of your home, workplace, or community space, to remember those who were murdered for who they were and stand against prejudice and hatred everywhere today”.

“I am pleased to see awareness of the Holocaust being raised today by Shropshire Councillors Kirstie Hirst Knight and Christian Lea with primary schools in Bridgnorth”.

If you'd like to take part in remembrance locally or near to where you live, click here For more information: https://www.hmd.org.uk/take-part-in-holocaust-memorial-day/. The Shrewsbury Abbey outside the constituency at 12:30 PM are holding a poetry recital to commemorate the victims of those who lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis. the event takes place in Shrewsbury Abbey, Foregate, SY2 6BS, On the 27th of January. it starts at 12:30 PM and finishes 1:30 PM. the event is free, and anyone is welcome: https://www.hmd.org.uk/activity/shrewsbury-abbey-holocaust-poetry-recital-2023/.