27 April 2023
Dunne welcomes extra funding for schools

Local MP Philip Dunne has welcomed extra funding from the Government, providing an extra £1.8 million in funding for South Shropshire as part of the £2 billion this year and next for primary schools and secondary schools in England.

Every state school in England will receive extra cash following the additional £2 billion investment. A typical primary school will receive approximately an extra £35,000, and £200,000 for a typical secondary school.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has confirmed this uplift will mean 2024/25 will be the highest spending year in history for schools, with a total budget of £58.8 billion for 2024/25. It also means school funding is set to rise faster than forecast inflation in both 2023/24 and 2024/25.

Schools will receive their first payment by 10 May 2023 and will be able to choose how best to invest in the extra funding, including for teachers for salary uplifts and teaching assistants. The remaining funding will be used to increase the Pupil Premium funding rates rising by 5 per cent in 2023/24.

Philip Dunne commenting, said:

“I know governing bodies have been concerned to understand how much extra funding they will get and when, so I welcome the £1.8min extra funding for schools in South Shropshire as part of the £2 billion in extra school funding this year and next across England.

“This Government is delivering on our commitment to provide an outstanding education and with higher educational outcomes and improving opportunity for all our youngsters”.

Commenting, Education Secretary Gillian Keegan said:

“I am hugely grateful to all our fantastic teachers, school leaders and support staff for all their incredible work and the immeasurable impact they have on the lives of children every day.

Teachers must continue to have the resources they need, and this extra cash will make sure that they do.

With school funding set to be at its highest ever level next year, even accounting for inflation, parents everywhere can be confident schools are being supported to let teachers get on and do what they do best - teach.”