4 February 0023
Dunne welcomes extension to Household Support Fund

South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne has welcomed the extension of the Household Support Fund.

The Government has announced an additional £842 million to councils across England until March 2024, providing support for vulnerable households and families by covering essential food and energy costs.

This extension is expected to help millions of people across the country. The Household Support Fund was first launched in October 2020 and has been extended several times since then. Local authorities have used the funds to support their communities in a variety of ways, including providing energy-saving packs, funding hot meals and lunch clubs, and supporting households with fuel costs.

Shropshire will receive an allocation of £4.1m from this latest extension of the Household Support Fund, which will be used to help the most vulnerable households in the local area with essential costs such as groceries, toiletries, warm clothes, and energy bills.

Commenting Philip Dunne said:

“The high cost of living with high energy costs has put may people under pressure this past year or so.

“Shropshire Council is to receive £4.1 million with discretion given to spend on local people as they see fit. This extra funding will help ensure that the most vulnerable households in Shropshire receive the support they need during these challenging times.

“The DWP has allocated a total of £10.4 million to Shropshire since the scheme was launched in 2020, and I look forward to seeing how our local authority will use the funds to support our community. I know from my constituency casework how welcome this will be to those most in need of further support.”