4 August 2023
Dunne welcomes cheaper pints in pubs across South Shropshire

Philip Dunne MP has welcomed the Government protecting the price of a pint by increasing the generosity of Draught Relief – meaning the alcohol duty paid for drinks on tap at the pub will be up to 11p less per pint than in a supermarket.  

This will benefit the 3,485 pubs across the West Midlands now and in the future, as the Government has given a Brexit Pubs Guarantee to maintain the difference, so the duty paid at the pub for drinks on tap will always be lower than in the supermarket.  

This is just one part of the biggest shake up of alcohol taxation in over a century – with the system being simplified so all drinks will now be taxed according to strength. Drinks such as sparkling wines, ciders, draught fruit ciders, liqueurs and ready to drink spirits – like a pre-mixed gin and tonic – will see their duty cut.  

The Government is also backing Britain’s drinks industry, both with lower tax rates for lower alcohol products, and expanding tax reliefs for small producers so they have the freedom to grow and expand into new types of drink.  

Increasing the generosity of Draught Relief will help our pubs in the face of rising prices, alongside the Government’s 5p fuel duty cut, decreases to National Insurance, support with energy bills, and cuts to business rates.  

Mr Dunne said: 

“South Shropshire is home to some of the best pubs and independent craft breweries in the country, but clearly times are tough right now due to rising prices as a result of Covid and the war in Ukraine.  

“I am very pleased the government is making the most of the flexibility we have outside of the EU to increase the generosity of Draught Relief – meaning cheaper pints in our pubs."   

 Photo: Philip Dunne MP at the Smokey Cow, Beckbury, with Zara Walker.