20 April 2023
Dunne welcomes biggest ever increase to the State Pension

South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne has welcomed this month’s increase for 25,240 pensioners in South Shropshire of a 10.1 per cent in their Basic State Pension, protecting pensioners from the effect of rising prices.

This increase is the biggest ever cash increase in the state pension and will automatically be applied to pensioners’ payments. 

In addition to this uprating, pensioners will benefit from another £300 Pensioner Cost of Living Payment this winter, continuing the Conservative Government’s direct support for those groups most vulnerable to the effects of high inflation caused by Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine.

Commenting, Philip Dunne said:

“Pensioners across Shropshire have been directly affected by high inflation triggered by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. It is right that we protect their incomes from these pressures.  

“I am pleased that over 25,000 pensioners in South Shropshire will be receiving the government's 10.1 percent increase in the Basic State Pension this month, which will protect them from the effects of inflation as we deliver on the Prime Minister's five priorities.

“This will give pensioners a much-needed uplift in their incomes and ensure their pension is not devalued by the effects of global price rises.”

Commenting, Pensions Minister, Laura Trott said:

“The effect of rising prices has been particularly challenging for the most vulnerable pensioners many of whom live on fixed incomes. 

“That is why the Conservative Government has delivered on our commitment to protect the Triple Lock, giving 12.5 million pensioners an inflationary increase in their pension payments of 10.1 per cent from April.

“Protecting pensioners’ incomes from the effects of rising prices is a central part of our Conservative commitment to supporting the most vulnerable as we deliver on the Prime Minister’s five priorities.”