2 June 2023
Dunne responds to calls for A49 pedestrian crossing

Philip Dunne MP is getting to grips with issues in divisions on the cusp of joining the South Shropshire Constituency when new boundaries come into effect this summer.

Last month Philip Dunne, MP for South Shropshire met Cllr Dan Morris, Shropshire Councillor for Burnell with Leebotwood resident Rebecca Hill, to see for himself the day to day challenges crossing the A49 in Leebotwood.
Mr Dunne said

“I was invited by Cllr Dan Morris to spend a morning getting to know the villages in Burnell Division. I was pleased to visit The Pound in Leebotwood as well as The Horseshoes in Dorrington last week.  

Dan introduced me to Beccy Hill who has been raising concerns that Leebotwood is the only village along the A49 in Shropshire without a pedestrian crossing.  I will be happy to work with the Parish Council and local Shropshire Councillor Dan Morris as well as my neighbouring MP Daniel Kawczynski to encourage Highways England to consider installing a pedestrian crossing between the bus stops either side of the road adjacent to the village hall.”

Cllr Dan Morris said:

“I was very pleased that South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne responded quickly to my call for help in getting Leebotwood to the same status as every other village along the A49 with a pedestrian crossing.  There is dangerous traffic often travelling above the speed limit and parents are fearful for their children crossing the road when buses drop them off after school.   I am lucky to have two MPs who can help us bring about a safety improvement for local residents”.

Photo: Philip Dunne MP with local campaigner Rebecca Hall and Cllr Dan Morris calling for a pedestrian crossing on the A49 in Leebotwood