3 May 2023
Dunne raises skin cancer risks

South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne has added his voice to Melanoma Awareness Month after experts raised concerns in response to new data released today by charity Melanoma Focus. This shows that 32% of British people reported rarely or never using sunscreen when in the UK and only 11% say they always use it. 

The majority 39% of those who do not use sunscreen said it’s because they don't expect to burn. This is despite 52% of all respondents reporting that they got sunburned at least once per year.

Melanoma skin cancer is a serious and potentially fatal condition, yet people in the UK are often ignoring the dangers posed by prolonged exposure to UV rays. 

1 in 36 men and 1 in 47 women in the UK will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer in their lifetime. It is the deadliest form of skin cancer and is in the top five most diagnosed cancers in the UK, killing 2,333 people per year.  Yet 86% of melanomas are preventable.

The reported use of sunbeds is also a serious concern. It is estimated that in the UK about 100 people die each year from melanomas due to sunbed use.

Philip Dunne said:

“I support Melanoma Awareness Month and am pleased to raise awareness for my constituents to protect themselves and their loved ones from this increasingly prevalent and very serious form of skin cancer.”

Susanna Daniels, CEO of Melanoma Focus, said:

“About seven people die from melanoma every day in the UK and more people die from melanoma in the UK than in Australia. The fact that people are continuing to ignore the warnings and not take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from skin cancer is concerning. 

“About 9 in 10 melanoma skin cancer cases are preventable and it is vital that people take the warnings about the dangers of excessive sun exposure and the dangers of sunbed use seriously”.