23 November 2021
Dunne questions Minister on Hospital Transformation Programme

South Shropshire MP, Philip Dunne, raised the issue of investing over £300million in Shropshire’s acute hospitals with Health Ministers in the House of Commons today.

Mr Dunne asked Health Minister, Ed Argar MP, to reconfirm the government is committed to delivering the £312m of capital investment into Shropshire’s healthcare, and to confirm that after so many years of delay, this would not involve taking the whole process back to the start through looking yet again at alternative plans for a single site new hospital, which have been rejected through two separate reviews during this period.

Mr Argar confirmed that plans for the reconfiguration will be brought to him from the NHS for sign off early next year, and that the government is committed to the plan in its current form, and will deliver on the funding commitments previously made.

Mr Dunne said:

“The Hospital Transformation Programme has been eight years in the making, and I wanted to make clear to Ministers we now need to get on and get it done – not head down the rabbit hole once again to explore the improbable uncosted and unfunded plans for a single site hospital, which once again opponents of the scheme are banding about.

“£312m is the largest capital investment in Shropshire by government in my 16 years as MP, and will make a material difference to the quality of care we can provide for the future. My message to the Minister is simple – let’s get on with it! I was pleased the Minister responded positively.”