26 January 2023
Dunne encourages attending free cervical screening in Shropshire

This week South Shropshire MP Dunne is calling for all constituents, but women in particular, across Shropshire to join him and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust in the fight to eliminate cervical cancer in the UK.

Unfortunately, every day two women will lose their lives in the battle against cervical cancer. This week’s campaign to raise awareness is encouraging women in the Ludlow constituency to attend cervical screening when invited and raising the profile of the HPV immunisation programme. 

Cervical screening in the constituency is available to all women, over age 25, who are registered with a GP. Women should automatically be invited for a test every few years so all they need to do is contact their practice to request an appointment.

While testing is free and takes no more than five minutes almost one-third of local women do not attend their screening when invited in South Shropshire.

To find out how to book your appointment today click here.

Commenting Philip Dunne MP said:

“With ever-advancing medicine and research in the fight against cancer, we no longer need to dream of a world without cervical cancer.

“Whilst many women are concerned and worried about having a smear test, it's crucial we encourage all those not taking up the offer to do so, since early detection can save lives.  I understand the worry of waiting for results after a test, but the consequences of not taking a test can be disastrous. 

“I encourage more people in Shropshire to come forward and take up the offer of free testing from the NHS”.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is a Charity providing information and support to anyone affected by cervical cancer. They campaign for excellence in cervical cancer treatment, care, and prevention. Their National Helpline is available to anyone affected or those who want a free confidential chat. The number to call is 0808 802 8000.