17 September 2021
Dunne calls for commitment to Afghan education as refugees arrive in Shropshire

Philip Dunne MP has joined over 100 parliamentarians from across Parliament to call on the Prime Minister to develop a G20 plan to sustain and fund Afghan education.

In a joint letter, the MPs called for the Prime Minister to secure commitment from the G20 nations to develop and fund education for Afghanistan, and Afghan refugees in host countries in the region. Over the past twenty years, primary school enrolment for Afghan girls went from zero to over 80%, but this progress is threatened by the return of the Taliban.

This week, the first Afghan refugees are expected to arrive in Shropshire, following Shropshire Council responding to the Home Office’s call to help resettle those arriving from Afghanistan.

Mr Dunne, a former Defence Minister who visited Afghanistan during the war, said:

“While our military commitment has come to an end in Afghanistan, that does not mean we should turn our backs and allow the progress for which our troops fought to be undone. There is still action we can take, with international partners, to ensure the sustained education of Afghan children in their own country, but also Afghan refugees in the region. So a cross party group of Parliamentarians are calling for the PM to show global leadership, and secure G20 commitment to deliver sustained education to Afghan children.

“The way in which our troops were aided in Afghanistan by local people cannot be understated, often at great personal risk to themselves and their families. So it is right we welcome those who worked with us, and I am pleased Shropshire Council is playing a part in housing those fleeing desperation and danger in Afghanistan.”

Shropshire Council have provided space to Shropshire Supports Refugees, who have been generously supported by donations from the public. More information on Shropshire Supports Refugees can be found here: https://www.shropshiresupportsrefugees.org/.