20 April 2007
Philip Dunne comments on today's statement by Shropshire County PCTCommenting on today's statement by Shropshire County PCT, local MP Philip Dunne said: "I met the Chairman and Chief Executive of Shropshire County PCT today following a meeting first thing with Bishop's Castle's two District Councillors.

I was briefed this morning on the meetings held earlier in the week between interested parties to review the status of the PCT's plan for redevelopment of Stone House. It is clear there are a number of significant issues, summarised in today's PCT statement which need to be resolved for this plan to proceed.

I urged the PCT to keep the local community informed of their plans since this has been an unsettling time for patients, staff and residents. I also urged the PCT to reach a conclusion rapidly one way or the other as to whether this plan with Coverage Care can proceed. At the same time I encouraged them to develop alternative plans to ensure appropriate continuing NHS provision in the town.

I have been concerned for some time that the PCT have had all their eggs in one basket so am pleased to see the new management is now also working on a contingency plan in case their preferred option cannot be delivered. I have offered my continuing assistance to sort out a lasting solution to meet the healthcare needs for local residents."