Philip Dunne welcomes the PM’s proposals to replace the Northern Ireland backstop

3rd October 2019

Philip Dunne welcomes the Prime Minister’s proposals to replace the Northern Ireland backstop without the need for physical infrastructure as is already the case with cross border trade with different currencies and different VAT rates.

Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP speaking in the House of Commons, October 2019

I remind my right hon. Friend that I voted remain in the referendum. I have voted in the House to deliver Brexit ever since. I congratulate him on the constructive proposals that he has put forward, and wish him every good fortune that the EU will engage with them as it needs to. I remind the House, and perhaps he could confirm, that existing trade across the border in Northern Ireland takes place with different currencies, and with different VAT rates, as he has just been elucidating, without the need for any physical infrastructure; and customs arrangements, following the excellent work done on the alternative arrangements commission, can do the same.

I thank my right hon. Friend, and if I may say so, I think he speaks with the voice of common sense and pragmatic understanding of the realities that obtain, but also the right measure of optimism about what we can achieve. I thank him very much.




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