Philip Dunne asks what communities can do to highlight UK leadership towards net zero emissions

8th October 2019

Philip Dunne calls on the Government to maximise the opportunity of the COP 26 conference for the UK to take the lead on net zero emissions and to encourage communities and industry to help identify practical steps that can be taken. 


This country has the opportunity, through the COP 26 conference next year, to take the lead internationally on setting out actions that people and communities can take. Does my hon. Friend agree that there is a role for people across this country, in the run-up to COP 26, to identify practical steps that communities and industry sectors can take, to bring those to COP 26 and to highlight them around the world?

Order. This is a busy debate, so interventions must be brief—one sentence at the most.

We will bear that in mind, Mr Gray. My right hon. Friend makes a good point: COP 26 is a great opportunity, as he so well articulated. Some sort of roadshow would be a good idea, as it would harness the great work going on and give the Government an opportunity to communicate to communities the sort of innovation funding and support plans available, so people can engage.




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