Ludlow Hospital charity fundraising

25th August 2017

Philip Dunne MP has expressed his surprise at this week's revelation that Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust (ShropCom) has declined to accept a £2,500 donation from the League of Friends of Ludlow Community Hospital. Funds were raised by men dressed as female nurses recently in Ludlow to help purchase medical equipment for use in the community hospital.

Mr Dunne, who donated to the fundraiser, said that he had written to ShropCom to ask them to reconsider:

“The hospital bed push has raised funds for the League of Friends of Ludlow Hospital for over twenty years. I support the great work the League of Friends does and will continue to do so.

I have written to the Chief Executive of ShropCom to express my surprise that after so many years of receiving donations raised in this way, she did not write formally to the League of Friends in advance of this year’s fundraising, nor immediately following receipt of last year’s donation raised in a similar way, to indicate ShropCom’s strength of view and intent to decline future similar donations. Had they done so, I am sure the fundraisers would have had time to respond to raise money without causing such apparent offence.

I have suggested that the Trust might be able to see their way to accepting this donation this year, but to give notice now if they do not wish to do so again. Ultimately, it is a matter for ShropCom to decide whether to take donations or not.”

Philip Dunne, MP for Ludlow


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