4th November 2019

Philip Dunne MP has welcomed the Government’s decision to halt immediately all hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, activity across England, in light of the latest scientific evidence.

Mr Dunne is a member of the Conservative Environment Network, who issued their own manifesto earlier this year which called for an end to fracking in the UK. A new report from the Oil & Gas Authority – the independent regulator – has found it is not currently possible to predict accurately the probability or magnitude of earthquakes linked to fracking. So the Government has immediately announced an immediate moratorium and no more fracking will take place in England.

Ministers have been clear that fracking should only proceed if the science shows that it is safe, sustainable and minimises disturbances to local communities. Mr Dunne has welcomed the Government’s decision to halt fracking in light of the latest evidence.

Mr Dunne said: “The Conservative Environment Network, of which I am a member, had called for an to fracking in our manifesto. So I am very pleased the government has taken this latest evidence from the Oil & Gas Authority seriously, and called for an immediate halt to fracking in the UK.

I have long recognised that while renewable energy capacity builds up the UK relies on imported gas for much of our energy supplies, for which reason I had supported the concept of fracking if it could be done safely in the UK.

So now the government should redouble its focus on promoting the next generation of clean, renewable sources of energy, and protect our precious environment in the process.”


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