16th January 2019

Broseley cannot unilaterally opt to move from Shropshire Council to Telford & Wrekin Council, according to current legislation.

Following calls by some Broseley town councillors to consider moving local authority area, local MP Philip Dunne asked the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government to clarify the process and requirements for changing local authority boundary.

In response, Local Government Minister Rishi Sunak MP made clear boundaries cannot be amended without a review by, and recommendation for change from, the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE).

In undertaking a review, the LGBCE will consider two statutory criteria that the proposed change:

i Provides effective and convenient local government arrangements
ii Being reflective of community identities and interests

The LGBCE will only normally undertake a Principle Area Boundary Review if there is agreement of all the local authorities potentially directly affected. The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government will then have final say whether to implement any proposed change.

Mr Dunne said: “The Minister’s response to me makes clear what I had suspected and told the Mayor – that Broseley cannot unilaterally opt to leave Shropshire Council.

“Rather than wasting time and effort on the unfeasible, I hope those proposing this move will now work with Broseley’s excellent Shropshire Councillor Simon Harris to help deliver even more for the town, as he has been doing so effectively since his election.”

Shropshire Councillor for Broseley, Simon Harris added: “Since this came out of the Town Council people in Broseley have been up in arms over the whole issue. The people of Broseley consider themselves from Shropshire, and new families that move to the town, move here because we are in Shropshire.”


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