Brexit: Drivers

4th February 2019

South Shropshire MP Philip Dunne has welcomed clarity offered to drivers through contingency plans for a No Deal scenario.

The Government is focussed on securing an agreement with the EU, so UK driving licences will continue to be recognised. But in the event of a No Deal scenario, International Driving Permits (IDPs) are now available to the public from the Post Office.  At a cost of £5.50, IDPs facilitate international travel by providing a recognisable translation of UK driving licences that can be used by all individual holders of full UK driving licences travelling outside the UK.

The provision of IDPs should give reassurance to UK motorists that they can continue to drive in the EU, whatever the outcome of Brexit.

On international road haulage, the European Commission has set out plans to allow UK hauliers basic rights to conduct operations to, from and through the EU for a limited period if the UK leaves without a deal, provided equivalent access is given to EU hauliers. If this proposal is not accept by EU member states then the Government would need to make use of bilateral arrangements with individual EU Member States.

Mr Dunne said: “The Government is rightly focussed on securing a deal with the EU, which would offer a smooth transition, but it sensible to prepare for any eventuality.

This latest clarity from the government should reassure South Shropshire holidaymakers and haulage companies covering our area that in the event of No Deal, they will continue to be able to drive in the EU.

IDPs are currently available at the Post Office in Shrewsbury, but will become more widely available if required and demand increases as we approach exit day. I have written to the Minister to ensure Post Office branches in South Shropshire are included, so drivers will have ready access to IDPs locally if needed.”

Further information for motorists is available online at

Philip Dunne MP speaking in the House of Commons


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